Catching up (Part 1)

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

It has been a while since I last post anything here.. (sorry ’bout that :P) I’ve been very busy last few weeks..with the classes, department dinner matters, meetings and competition.. Ok fine. Not THAT busy for some, but for me it drained much of my energy. Plus, I’m not in the mood to post anything. My mood isn’t very stable lately. *sigh*ย  So, now I’d like to do some catching up and share some of the lessons I’ve learned during the last few weeks. Some are pretty interesting I must say.

Chem-E-Car 2010 booklet

I’m not sure which event should I begin with.(Too many I guess..nah..) Let me start with the grand event, the 5th Chem-E-Car Competition at SEGi University College, Kota Damansara on July 21st & 22nd, 2010. In this competition, we have to move (and stop) a car using alternative fuel to a certain distance, carrying certain amount of load (both will be told during the final date, 22nd). Prior to this competition, my teammates and I have been very busy throughout our 2 months long holiday doing preparations and setting our car for the big day. We are not alone tough, there are also another competing team from UM as well, the Twin Chemo. And oh! did I forgot to mention it? That the name of my team is Kimi Kar. (yeah, we don’t really have any idea when we were asked to submit the name.. but hey…turns out it’s not so bad after all isn’t it? lol)

Joining this competition taught me many valuable lessons. First, in a group/team, every single member of the team have their own specialty/ expertise (provided that every member are dedicated and participating). They may not realize it at first, but sooner or later they’ll align themselves with tasks suitable with their expertise.

Second, when the tense arises during the preparation/experiment, take a break. It helps to clear up the mind a bit. Tensed mind are less productive and prone to contribute unstable emotions and unwanted reactions (like the one we had on the D-day).

Me with the mock check!

Third, “what goes around, comes around”. During the first attempt, our car didn’t move at all. Just as my face starts to turn red, I heard someone from behind teased our group. It annoyed me much but as soon as the car stopped few centimeters from the finishing line on the second attempt, I am sure that whoever uttered that, he’s the one who feel the shame now. Besides, on the first day during the trial runs, one of my teammates catch team Perky from NUS laughing at our car. But surely, We are the ones having the last laugh, and it never felt this great! Take that!

And fourth, sometimes all theย  plannings and calculations just doesn’t work and all you need is a little bit of luck. This is obvious during the event date. Since the floor surface inside the competition hall is smooth (we tested our car at the parking lot Block T and the floor surface there isn’t anywhere near smooth), our calculations go haywire and the car couldn’t stop before the limit. But it is a blessing in disguise since at the hall, the car moved straight and within the bounds (something we haven’t successfully solve for the last 2 months). Another thing is, during the trial run (the day before the final competition, 22nd) at the hall we used 400ml load, a load we seldom use during our trials and it turns out that the same amount of load is required during the final. Wow.. what a coincident! What more surprising is that during the second (final) attempt, one of my teammates accidentally mixed 2 different concentration of HCl (used for the stopping mechanism) together and made a bold decision to just go with it. And the car stopped 33cm away from the finishing line, 3 cm nearer than UMS’s. As one of my colleague would have said, now we know the price of 3 cm, it’s 500US$ !! lol.

The Reds are "Kimi Kar"-ians, The Purples are "Twin Chemo"-ans and Dr Badrul in the middle.

I’m getting tired now.. let me just copy and paste the comment from my Fb status.. ๐Ÿ˜›

“…I’m blessed with dedicated teammates (we came to UM during the long holiday to work on this project).. strong supporters (another competing team from UM and Nottingham Univ.).. Motivating adviser (Dr Badrul Mohd Jan).. Dedicated technicians and staffs (Pak Cik Din, Abg Azharuddin, Kak Azira, Kak Fatimah, Encik Razak) and a little bit of luck! Without them, this won’t be a success. ^__^ ”

– Hafiz Zahid

Gee.. catching up on one big event like this surely is tiring. Btw, the winning team is I-Green from UTP (their car stopped on the line!) while the 1st runner-up is UKM-3 from UKM (we came out as 2nd runner-up). For the poster presentation, Perky from NUS took the first place, Aluven from UMS second and Sexy Baby (just for you to know, well, if you’ve been wondering… they’re not sexy at all! lol) from USM third..Congrats to you guys!

* I really think that I should stop now.. This post is too long already! Ok. see ya in the 2nd part!! Adios!


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    1. Lol. thanks..

      rezeki dowh.. mcm2 mende yg x di sangke jadi mase nak lawan tuh..

      btw, mase team NUS tadi tuh tersasar dari finishing line, ramai giler contestant2 laen tepuk tangan.. aku pn terkejut tgk.. hak3.. tu la.. blagak sgt.. siapa suke kan..? hua3..

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