Don’t Let the Cycle Continues!!!

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

Browsing through the web lately, the sense of unease and tense are more saturated than ever! Racist remarks from a headmistress (do correct me if I’m wrong) had sparked uproar throughout the country. Many condemned the acts but surprisingly, there are some who supported it. Okay, I’m not in the situation to judge her here and since she already apologized I do believe that that should help to neutralize the situation. However, the tensed situation is actually far from over and in fact, it’s getting worse.

Flag of Malaysia
Flag of Malaysia

There’s a page on facebook dedicated to support the headmistress claimingthat the worsening situation is due to politics interruption. And, as an answer to that, another page opposing the former had been created shortly. It is really disheartening to read most of the comments there. Moreover, majority of those giving comments are youths, like me.. Backbones of the country that in the future, will replace the ones governingĀ  now.

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Bagiku, ia bukan sekadar itu..

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

Buku Titas dari

Tak tahu kenapa.. saya suka berfikir lebih2 bila lecturer tengah mengajar kat depan. Cuba me“relate”kan dengan apa yang ada di sekeliling. Ok, straight to the point.. saya nak story pasal kelas TITAS semalam. Pasal Bab 2 TITAS: Tamadun Islam. Bukan nak bagi syarahan.. Hanya sekadar pendapat peribadi. Sebab terkadang, diri selalu rasa pelik, kenapa benda2 yang dah belajar dulu banyak dah lupa. Bila rewind balik, oh baru teringat.. bila belajar hanya untuk exam, maka setakat itu je lah yang kita akan dapat. Kalau kita belajar memang ikhlas mencari ilmu rasanya, susah sikit nak terlupa ni. Kan? šŸ˜›

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Catching up (Part 2)

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

Mine aren't as messy as Image from

Still in the mood of catching up… A couple of weeks ago, I’ve been given a task to promote/give brief description about AKIUM (or in English, Muslim Engineering Society of the University of Malaya – MES) to the first year students. Given that my schedule for the week are extremely tight (My Chem-E-Car competition is due the week after that, CEDAN ’10 matters – meetings, head hunting for my emcees, Meetings with AKIUM), huh……. My energy bar is almost zero! Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I volunteered for those tasks so logically, I have no rights to complain. Its just that THAT is my 1st week of the new semester and I’ve never expected it to be anything near “hectic schedule” or “exhausting”.

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