First Day as a Trainee

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

My first day as a trainee. This is it!

Woke up at 5.50 a.m. (thanks Palie! for that alarm call.), I’ve started my day pretty early yesterday. By 6.50 a.m. I’m all set and was sent to the main gate by Syarula. From there, I walk to the Universiti LRT station. Arrived at about 7 a.m, the condition there is far from what I’ve expected. Lengang. It is not crowded at all! Weird, but heh.. it’s a good thing so who cares? haha… Arrived at Ampang Park Station somewhere 7.30 a.m. Since I’m too early, I’ve got plenty of time to kill (I’m supposed to check-in/register at 8.30 a.m.) so I went to this McD nearby to have my breakfast.

At about 8.10 a.m., I’m already inside the bulding, GTower. The oil & gas consultant firm which I’m going for my internship is situated on the 9th floor. Situated next to Menara Tabung Haji and just a stone’s throw away from the Ampang Park LRT station, finding the building shouldn’t be a problem to anyone. For those who dont know anything about the building, here’s some pics i dig from the net. Forgot to take ’em myself yesterday.. 😛

GTower from

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