Warming up (recap!)

Salam/ Peace be upon you/ 大家好,

It has been a long time (approximately 3 months) since I last update this blog. Wow. No wonder my English are getting rusty nowadays. haha.. Anyway, before I get to an interesting topic after this post, I’d like to recap quite a number of big events that had and for some, still, become the headlines of global news.

Arab revolution scenes from phillyimc.org

1. The Arab revolution – Starting from Tunisia, then Egypt and then spread out generally to every other Arab nations, this revolution clearly signifies that corruptions, oppressions and any other forms of injustice are rejected by every normal, sane people. The aspiration for fair, transparent and responsible governance transcends the boundary of religion, race and nationality. Specific conditions might vary between the Arab countries but the general call are about the same: TRANSFORMATION. yes, transformation for the better.

Libya uprising from johrune.tumblr.com

Tsunami wave raging from questionmarkmag.com

2. Japan earthquake, tsunami and radiation threats – It is really disheartening to watch the aftermath of those two natural disasters, regarded as one of the worst and costliest ever. Adding to the misery, possible nuclear reactor meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi plant threatens to put more lives at risk. My prayers goes to the Japanese people. May God give them strength to stay strong and move forward to build back their nation. In fact, I always knew they will.

A thing to note here, our government should seriously reconsider the plan of building a nuclear power plant here, right on this soil. With hospital ceiling and public stadium collapsing out of nowhere (just to name a few) , no wonder people are freaking out! Do ensure (and prove!) that no such thing will happen ever again and that the policies and regulations ruled are not just on the paper. Responsible parties regardless of what race they belong to should be brought to justice. Then only we’ll talk about the power plant.

Sarawak Election from freemalaysiatoday.com

3. Sarawak State Election (ok wait, this is not a global news) – Come 16th April, Sarawakians will be voting for their state assembly. Much have been said about the current CM and his family, mostly regarding corruptions, misused state funds and forest reserves but until the election is over, I’m pretty sure that no action will be taken against them. Typical Malaysian politics. *sigh…

4. Bung Mokhtar’s senseless statement on woman drivers (.. nor is this one) – Err.. should I comment more on this? I guess not worth it. Ok, next!

Elizabeth as Cleopatra, from villagevoice.com

5. Elizabeth Taylor RIP – Not a big fan of her though (Her glorious era has been like, eons ago.. haven’t been born yet at that time, you know.. 😛  ) But glancing though her younger days, glamorous photos, I find her gorgeous and classy! haha.. may you RIP..

6. Anwar-lookalike sex video – Hurm.. we’ll discuss about this later, okay? Yeah right.. I’m the one typing.. so, later!   😛


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