Journey to the West (part 4)

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

It is now the 16th day of Ramadhan. About 2 more weeks left for the fasting month to end. Oh how time flies. Fasting in the States during summer isn’t as bad as I imagined. Sure, the fasting period is significantly longer (from around 4 a.m. until 8 p.m.) about 16 hours but Alhamdulillah (All Praise to God) I managed to get through so far.

This week is gonna be my 5th week working as ride operator. I’m the one who asked for the change actually, in order to get more working hours. More hours, more money so I thought. Since the admissions team are pretty small and in my view somewhat over hired, I guessed that my only way to get more hours is by joining the operations team. There are actually other reasons on why I decided to change but it is better for me to keep it to myself. Bulan puasa tak baik mengumpat. Kurang pahala puasa nanti. 😛

Last day kerja dekat ticket booth 7/17/2011

Working as ride operator is totally different from working in the air-conditioned ticket booth. Instead of cool air and sitting down, you gonna have to face the hot sun and stand throughout your shift (talk about 5-7 hours long, with one 15 minutes break). I knew that before hand but as mentioned before, in order to get more hours I am willing to sacrifice the comfort that I’ve been enjoying for the past 1 and a half month. With my back bone problem and the holy month of Ramadhan coming, it is not the smartest move to be honest. Kinda regret it the moment I asked for it (was granted the next day btw, tak ada masa nak appeal balik pun adeh..). But one thing for sure, I believe that everything happened for a reason and only God knows what is best for me.

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Resepi Cheese Cake

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

Post kali ni pasal resepi cheese cake. 2 ke 3 minggu lepas saya cuba buat cheese cake kat rumah sewa Christy and Soon Kiat. Sukatan bahan-bahan yang biasa saya guna saya alter sikit sebab kat sini banyak barang2 tak guna gram. Oven pun guna Fahrenheit jadi agak2 je, boleh je nak convert tapi saja malas (padan muka sendiri kek hangit, haha).

Masukkan cream cheese dalam mangkuk/bekas


  • Cream Cheese (16 oz @ 454 g)
  • Gula (100 g)
  • Tepung (20 g)
  • Telur (2 biji)
  • Orange/ Navel (1 biji)
  • Heavy Cream (8 oz @ 227 g)
  • Choc. Chips/ Cookies (1 pack)

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