Journey to the West (part 5 : pre-closing)

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

Oh so can’t believe that I’m already in week 6 of my final year 1st semester. Nonetheless, memories of traveling in the USA still lingers strongly in my mind. Can’t believe that that’s over too! As if I was dreaming. Anyways, this post goes to you, F.A.R. 😛

Picking on where I stopped last time, it should be obvious that this gonna be a long one. Please bear with me, okay? 😀 To make it easier to follow and less messy, I’ll use the point form.

1. First stop, Delaware

Tanger Outlet in Delaware is one of many shopping paradise located nearest to Wildwood. You can find branded items there i.e. Levi’s, Coach, Hush Puppies, etc at a much lower price. A thing that makes it more attractive compared to the one in Atlantic City is that there is no sales tax there meaning that you can shop more, for less! I went there with Christy and Soon Kiat by ferry, Cape May – Lewes Ferry to be exact, and it took us about 1 and a half hour to arrive there from Cape May jetty. By the end of the day they spent about 600 dollars, each. While the only thing that I bought is a pair of Levi’s jeans. I’m not much of a spender, I guess and I’m kinda saving my money to pay back to my dad (haha..guess how it goes).

Somewhere in Cape May
Sun bathing atas feri

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