The last Thunderbender

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

Think the title is weird? Wait till you read the whole story.. 😛

Me and my roommate, Ezuan, went to Midvalley yesterday. The three-day IT Fair just started. It was really crowded (not as crowded as Pikom PC Fair in KLCC though) and annoying (by this, I mean both the flow arrangement and promoters). I do not hate promoters and always feel bad rejecting one, but to force people like me to do just that from the entrance to exit is just mean. I have to say ‘no’ because I know what I’m searching for and will buy only that (although unfortunately, this habit does not apply when it comes to food 😛 ). Therefore, rejecting them saves a lot of time for me, and theirs too because instead of wasting time on me they could utilize it to get other potential customers. Definitely a win-win situation.

Anyway, about the title..

After the IT Fair, we went to Jusco. I was searching for a fryer (for my final year project). This is the part where it gets weird. Almost every “iron”-based thing that I touched or accidentally touched, I get some sort of mini-electric shock. Electrostatic charges, I guess. Usually its only the trolleys (thank God they’ve changed all of them to plastic now), but this time, the pots, fryers, even skin contact with Ezuan triggers that mini-spark. Although it was not the first, it was definitely the most intense frequency of mini-shocks I had in a day.

Oh my, what would happen if I have to walk outside during a thunderstorm!!? Scary scary. Eh, wait.. maybe I could control it. Step aside Ang, you may be the last airbender but I’m the last thunderbender.. the most powerful one you totally forgot. haha..

yeah I know, I couldn't believe it either at first. Deal with it! (pic from

*Okay, if you still don’t get it obviously you didn’t watch cartoon that much. 😀