To the Land of Kangaroos and Koalas (part 1)

Salam/ peace be upon you,

1361931536_AAXlogo_165x165It all started last year. November, to be exact. AirAsia had this crazy sale and a close buddy of mine, Fareez happened to came across it. Well, not that he just “happened” to “came across it”. He practically spend most of his free time searching for cheap flight tickets like it’s his pastime! Anyway, we managed to bought tickets to Gold Coast for just RM757. Definitely a bargain! Then again, we need to curb our excitement fast since the travel date’s almost a year from the day we bought the tickets. Urgh… the wait!

The preparation

While waiting for October 2013, we did some preparations.

1. We got our itinerary ready. For a week’s vacation, it is REALLY TIGHT! To add to that we bought another ticket to Sydney, from Gold Coast, travelling within the same week! I know, what were we thinking?? We also bought online pass to the theme parks, cheaper.

2. We searched for accommodation and means of transport. Most work done by Fareez, that, I have to say. Being such a globetrotter, he knew where to search for budget hotels and transports. Better than me and Epol. After much hunting, we managed to get ourselves an apartment near the Surfers Paradise. $400 for 5-day stay, pretty decent really.

3. We filled the online visa. It’s so easy. Just fill in in your particulars and it’ll be ready less than a week (for us, it’s just 2 days). You guys can check it out here.

Departing – 19/20 October 2013

Stop makan @ Mid
Epol & Fareez

Prior to departing for GC, we went to Midvalley to do last minute shopping and some money-changing. RM2500 for about AUD833. Just. Sad.. But knowing that we got better rate than the one with the long queue near KFC, I felt better.

Best part of the day, the tea break at Secret Recipe! Nothing cures shopping tiredness like a cake and coffee. 😛

20131020_184504 [Desktop Resolution]After re-packing and spending the night at my parents’, we’re set to go. Sunday morning after a good breakfast, my dad sent us to LCCT. I was too tired to stay awake on our way there.

Once arrived, we didn’t wait long before the plane departs. Well, it was actually delayed half an hour but what is that compared to the excitement to start our first vacation in Australia! We left for GC at 10.30 am local time and arrived at Coolangatta Airport around 8:00 pm local time. (They’re 2-hours ahead)

*Honestly, I hate flying the most. Alright, maybe not THE most. I hate snake and insects more. Then again, I’m not willing to sacrifice my love for travelling for that fear. And that is how I went through that 7-hour journey. I keep telling that to myself. Also, I have to mention that the landing was very smooth. Kudos to the pilots.

20131020_223235 [Desktop Resolution]Once arrived, we bought the Go Cards at the airport and took a bus to Surfers Paradise. Took us 40 minutes before we reach Bruce-Bishop Carpark bus stop to get to our apartment. Out of the bus, the night breeze was just so nice and refreshing.

When we entered the apartment, it was lovely. Quite small, but lovely. And the kitchen’s perfect! You’ve got all the pots and utensils you need. We then took turns to shower and got ourselves ready for our first night tour.

Once we got on the street, most shops are already closed. The  supermarkets were closed at 9pm! Can you imagine that? (Reminds me of my time in Sabah) Still excited to explore, we find our way to the beach. But not before we each grab a $7.40 halal beef kebab on our hands. Oh, the hunger! After a while, we went back to the apartment to prepare for tomorrow.

Day 1 – 21 October 2013

I woke up at about 6am. By then, the sun was already out and the view from our balcony, spectacular. This picture below really couldn’t do justice to what I really saw.

20131021_053559 [Desktop Resolution]

As planned, we gonna spend out first day at the Movie World. We had our breakfast at the apartment before heading straight to the bus stop.

20131021_053615 [Desktop Resolution]

20131021_074026 [Desktop Resolution]Though we were quite early, the queue was already long. Park opens at 10am but it looks like people’s been lining up for at least half an hour earlier.

I’m not quite a theme-park person, but I can definitely see excitement in Fareez and Epol’s faces. Though a bit cloudy, the weather was just nice for us to enjoy the rides.

20131021_091834 [Desktop Resolution]20131021_092225 [Desktop Resolution]20131021_104917 [Desktop Resolution]20131021_111158 [Desktop Resolution]20131021_113705 [Desktop Resolution]20131021_121527 [Desktop Resolution]20131021_122025 [Desktop Resolution]

20131021_122947 [Desktop Resolution]

What surprised me most, there’s a prayer room in the park! Wasn’t expecting it. And I find it funny that the ablution-sink brand is Wudhu-mate. Lol. Couldn’t be more fitting.

Honestly speaking, even after we’ve spent a day at the park, there are still rides and shows we couldn’t cover. And we were extremely exhausted, at least I was.

Done with the main section, we went to the kids section to look around. Boy, cute childhood characters everywhere! Wish I could bring them home.

20131021_133445_8_bestshot [Desktop Resolution]20131021_132130 [Desktop Resolution]

20131021_134332 [Desktop Resolution]20131021_134609 [Desktop Resolution]20131021_140947 [Desktop Resolution]20131021_150730 [Desktop Resolution]At about 5pm, we head to the exit. It’s been day. A really good one, that is.

Back at the apartment, we then had our dinner and prepare for Sydney. Tomorrow’s flight is a bit early and it’s 40 minutes from our place to GC Airport. So we really need to make ourselves ready come morning.

Well, that is all for now. Stay tuned for part-2!


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