26th on the 26th!

2ne6 A week into my 26th-hood, nothing much has changed. Not that it should, just that looking back at the year before, felt that I haven’t achieved much. Felt that my life has been nothing but stagnant. Glimpse into the yesteryear then brought me to question, what have I achieved in life, really? I know perhaps it’s a little too early for the topic at this age but I can’t seem to push it away. Achievement to me is many things. From being able to do something you’re passionate about, being able to put smile on people’s faces, and more importantly being able to feel content with self. I want to make change, impact other people’s life (in good ways, lah,,) and be someone that my family can be proud of. Somehow in many, felt that I fell short. So here’s all the things that I want to achieve (also some words of advice) for future self to look at at times, to reflect. do-what-you-love from dontknowtarot

  • Opening a cafe – I love making desserts, and baking has been some sort of a therapy for me whenever I’m stressed with work (or people). Also, nothing pleases a cook more than seeing people enjoying their food.  Opening up a cafe therefore seems like the only right thing to do. I’m so inspired by the saying, if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. I want that! Have had few people on board already (Fareez, Siti & Darimi) but seriously, syncing our time for meet-up and discussion has been quite a challenge. We need to put in more commitment for this to work.

Do what you love,

And you’ll never work a day in your life.

– Some important guy

The_Beatles_Rock_Band_-_Microphone [Desktop Resolution]
Check check, rock rock…
  • Versatile emcee – I do not necessarily like handling crowds. I’m nervous when it comes to dealing with a lot of people at once coz I value close conversations. Then again, give me a microphone and I’ll get the superpower I need to get those feelings over. Yeah it’s like what spinach is to Popeye or mushroom to Mario. But more often than not, I feel more comfortable being a formal emcee. Seriously, all you got to do is just read the script and make the event look smooth for the audience (never mind the hectic and bombings behind the scene, you just have to keep calm and emcee!). Being a semi-formal or informal emcee altogether is definitely a new thing for me. I find it a bit more challenging since the script is minimal and the fact that you HAVE to interact with the audience makes it even scarier! Then again, to become better, you gonna need to face your fears. And dear self, you sure will. You have to!
Green carpet, anyone?
Green carpet, anyone?
  • Opening a “green-solutions” company – This is a joint idea with Palie when we just started working in Kerteh (or was it during final year in UM? Can’t recall). The idea is to provide advice and solutions for a greener event. And with that, came possible savings and potential of educating the public on waste (you know, the 3R’s) and the environment. Somehow along the way, we were both caught up with many other commitments and the idea then remains an idea. I would love to give it another go, considering its potential of contributing to the nation and its people.
  • Apps for smartphones –  For this one, I’m influenced by Palie somewhere during the final year in UM. Got a few in my head, some for politics and some for retail. Few years gone and have yet to see these apps in the market. The potential and impact of these apps are both very promising.  Just that, I don’t wanna go through every single details to get it work. IT really is not my forte (got my first smartphone nearly a year after I started working, hey don’t judge!). So if you’re interested, do contact me. Perhaps you’re the team I’ve been waiting for?
  • Being multilingual – Living in Malaysia, we’re blessed to have so many cultures blending in. Growing up, it’s compulsory for everyone to learn Malay (the national language) and English in school. How else do we communicate in the country if we can’t understand each other, right? *smirk* I then learned Arabic in lower secondary and took Mandarin night class during my internship at DPS Consultant (now DPS Leighton Engineering). Oh, and French during my final year in Uni. Learning new language to me, has always been exciting. Each having their own challenges but what I like most is, when you can almost always found the connection of these languages with each other. C’est très intéressant! Sadly, having not practiced them frequently as I should, the knowledge slowly evaporates. I wanted to relearn them and for now, my eyes is on French!


  • Shelter for the need – I had this aspiration during my uni years. Perhaps while exploring the big metropolitan with some friends. The “shelter” works more like a system. We provide them food and a place to sleep while at the same time, jobless residents will have to work for the shelter (with pay, of course). It’s a win-win situation. We’ll be eradicating beggars off the streets while also contributing to the economy! Yeah I can have soooo many ideas in my head sometimes. And it stayed there, weeping.

So there you go, future self. This is not all of it, mind you. I’ll write them down as and when necessary. Till the next post!


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