Japan Escapade – Tokyo days (sequel)

Resuming previous post, we are still exploring Tokyo. But this time around, a bit farther from perhaps the world’s largest megalopolis. On our 3rd day, we head east for a fresher breeze (eh, it rhymes!)

Day 3 – Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko and Shinjuku

Kawaguchiko station, Mt. Fuji at dusk.
Kawaguchiko station, Mt. Fuji at dusk.
  • Back when I agreed to travel to Japan, only two place I had in mind; Tokyo and Mount Fuji. Both very contrasting in nature. Tokyo, to experience the ever hectic life of the Japanese people while Fuji, for anything but. So glad that I had the opportunity to experience both during my maiden visit.

  • We start the day early, hitting the street before 8. It’s not quite early to be honest, sun’s up 5-6 am back then – but we never really get used to that till the end of our journey. I mean, come on! Who starts their day THAT early? – Oh yeah, the Japanese people. They deserve being called the most hardworking people on the planet.
Terminal no. 50 for Mt Fuji with Adi pretending to be shy.
Terminal no. 50 for Mt. Fuji with Adi pretending to be shy.
  • To get to Mt. Fuji, we first head our way to the Shinjuku Bus Terminal. There’s just me, Afnan, Adi and Achid on the trip – Syah & Abul decided to explore elsewhere as Syah had been to Fuji during one of his frequent visits to Japan. So off we four go!
What's left of Sakura paired with what's left of this man made good picture!
Lonely man by the sakura tree.
  • After we board the bus, it took us a bit more than 2 hours to reach Kawaguchiko Station. Mind you, when the ticket states that it’s departing at 11am, it definitely will. Not another minute will be spared (so please leave your “Malaysian time” behind and adapt to the extreme punctuality). And I learned a lot too en route to Japan’s highest peak (between the short naps, of course). I never knew that there’s a lake at the foot of the mountain. I never knew about the beautiful pink moss. And I never knew that the view could be so breathtaking (it’s actually much more than that, no picture can ever do justice).
  • When we arrived, the peak was hidden behind thick clouds. So we took the time to explore the lake and went to Oishi Park to get the best view. The journey felt worthwhile when we finally get to see the peak of the mountain in the evening. It was majestic, not a view you could easily forget in life. Thousands of pictures later, we found ourselves on our way back to Tokyo. Lucky the bus comes with heater as it was freezing outside.
While waiting for the clouds to clear, how about a blueberry ice cream?
While waiting for the clouds to clear, how about a blueberry ice cream anyone?
“Sumimasen, kore-desu” – while pointing at the menu. Arigatou gozaimasu for the sushi lesson, Shiqa.
  • Reaching Tokyo around 10pm, we experienced our one and only traffic congestion in Japan. Lucky that it’s really nothing compared to the ones we had back home. As soon as we arrive, we rushed to meet Shiqa (Afnan’s friend) for dinner. She’s the one who came to our hostel to pass the wifi router the day before. Shiqa took us to a sushi outlet, “Sushi-Go-Round” as there’s not many halal places left open that late.
  • As she’s been working in Japan for the last 2 years, conversing in Japanese with the waiter came out naturally to her. I’ve always been fascinated by people who speaks foreign language fluently. I want to be that too. She shared quite a few tips and interesting experiences living in Japan and before we realize it, it’s time to leave. She had to return to Yokohama and we need to recharge for the next day. p/s: She’s taken btw, in case you’re wondering :p

Day 4 – Yokohama and Shibuya district

View from the Cupnoodles Museum
View from the Cupnoodles Museum
  • Fourth day in Tokyo, our next stop is Yokohama the Port City. It’s interesting to witness different parts of Tokyo as we head out of the city by train. Compared to Tokyo, buildings in Yokohama is quite modern and unique. Almost felt like I was in Dubai!
Syimi making his own version of cupnoodle
Syah making his own version of cupnoodle
  • Honestly, there’s nothing much to do in this Port City. Or maybe it’s just me as it was quite a hot day. We went to the Cupnoodles Museum (made ourselves some cupnoodles) and had our lunch at the Queen’s mall. And oh, we stopped at Nissan HQ and exhibition centre on our way to the museum. Few people I know would die of joy having given the chance to get inside the Skyline GTR (or whatever acronym that there is). Apparently, none of us was a big fan. Lol.
My first udon in life! The most memorable part of Yokohama visit.
The most memorable part of Yokohama visit – my first udon in life! I shall reserve my comment on the noodles – but the tempura was great!
  • In search of the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing, we stopped by Shibuya district before calling it a day. Tips: best to experience it on the street but if you must, best view is the Starbucks view. You can visit my instagram to watch our video at the crossing – watch how Adi became a rebel and rotate against the music.
View from Starbucks
View from Starbucks

Again, this journal has been too lengthy. For the last episode in Tokyo, tune in to the next post. Till then. Happy Eid everyone!


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