Mengkaji makna lirik: Perang Dah Tamat

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

[This is posted to clear up my drafts – first edited on February 26, 2012]

Akhir-akhir ni, lagu-lagu kolaborasi Malique dengan artis lama (i.e. M. Nasir, Jamal Abdillah) ada banyak senikata yang seolah meng-hint-kan sesuatu. Rasanya maksud sebenar lirik tu cuma orang yang karang je tahu but here’s my point of view tentang kemungkinan maksud lirik-lirik tersebut. Btw, lagu untuk post kali ni ialah Perang Dah Tamat, Malique ft. Rabbani. Lirik lagu diperoleh dari

Perang dah tamat - Malique ft. Rabbani (pic from
Perang dah tamat – Malique ft. Rabbani (pic from

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Warming up (recap!)

Salam/ Peace be upon you/ 大家好,

It has been a long time (approximately 3 months) since I last update this blog. Wow. No wonder my English are getting rusty nowadays. haha.. Anyway, before I get to an interesting topic after this post, I’d like to recap quite a number of big events that had and for some, still, become the headlines of global news.

Arab revolution scenes from

1. The Arab revolution – Starting from Tunisia, then Egypt and then spread out generally to every other Arab nations, this revolution clearly signifies that corruptions, oppressions and any other forms of injustice are rejected by every normal, sane people. The aspiration for fair, transparent and responsible governance transcends the boundary of religion, race and nationality. Specific conditions might vary between the Arab countries but the general call are about the same: TRANSFORMATION. yes, transformation for the better.

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Perhaps Love

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

Perhaps Love dvd cover

Perhaps love is an old movie. Released somewhere 5 years back. Nevertheless, it is one of the best love movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life! You can search for the full synopsis at wikipedia or imdb. The opening scene played major role in ensuring that the audience are glued to the screen, craving for more..(well, at least I do.. 😛 )

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“Kalau kita tak boleh nampak bodoh depan orang yang kite sayang, depan sape lagi ek??”

– Those were part of the script from the movie Pisau Cukur and in my opinion, it is really really sincere and moving! Despite minor flaws (the humor parts were excellent though … ;p), for me this movie is one of those movies which I remembered for teaching me important lessons about life. A lesson in this movie : To only love the person who could accept you as YOU.. as a whole. The one who could accept you at your best….. and also at your worst. Continue reading and a whole bunch of things in the middle