Japan Escapade – Tokyo days (sequel)

Resuming previous post, we are still exploring Tokyo. But this time around, a bit farther from perhaps the world’s largest megalopolis. On our 3rd day, we head east for a fresher breeze (eh, it rhymes!)

Day 3 – Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko and Shinjuku

Kawaguchiko station, Mt. Fuji at dusk.
Kawaguchiko station, Mt. Fuji at dusk.
  • Back when I agreed to travel to Japan, only two place I had in mind; Tokyo and Mount Fuji. Both very contrasting in nature. Tokyo, to experience the ever hectic life of the Japanese people while Fuji, for anything but. So glad that I had the opportunity to experience both during my maiden visit.

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Japan Escapade – Tokyo days

image from thepaperwall.com
Japan Ichiban!

I can’t really recall when did I first heard about Japan. Was it from the first car that my dad bought years ago (it was a grey Toyota Corolla) or was it from Doraemon? Gotta be one of them (pretty sure it’s the latter considering I have little to no interest at all when it comes to car :p). Either way, 20 years later I found myself exploring the heart of this sugoi country. Had the chance to explore two of its biggest cities – Tokyo and Osaka – and honestly, you should too!

This time around, the travel pack is quite unique as none of us had actually  travelled together before. There were six of us – three UM seniors (Adi, Abul and Shah), one officemate (Afnan) and Adi’s former colleague (Achid). I first thought it’s gonna be a challenge for some but hey, turned out we bond just fine. Anyway, as many had requested, here’s our itinerary for the visit.

Itinerary jepun

Now isn’t that cute or what? Everything is so small here.

In total, we were in Japan for 10 days (including the arrival and departure day) and the stay is divided into 2 main parts – Tokyo and Osaka, 5 days each. We arrived at Narita Airport, Tokyo on April 24th and depart for Malaysia from Kansai Airport, Osaka on May 3rd. And yes, we took the slightly more pricey MAS over AA just to experience the luxury (full service for a difference of only RM100 at time we purchase our tickets, it’s a bargain!).

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To the Land of Kangaroos and Koalas (part 1)

Salam/ peace be upon you,

1361931536_AAXlogo_165x165It all started last year. November, to be exact. AirAsia had this crazy sale and a close buddy of mine, Fareez happened to came across it. Well, not that he just “happened” to “came across it”. He practically spend most of his free time searching for cheap flight tickets like it’s his pastime! Anyway, we managed to bought tickets to Gold Coast for just RM757. Definitely a bargain! Then again, we need to curb our excitement fast since the travel date’s almost a year from the day we bought the tickets. Urgh… the wait!

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Things I found while cleaning up my room

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

[This is posted to clear up my drafts – first edited on July 4, 2012]

I just finished my final exam last few weeks and now looking forward for the graduation ceremony soon to be held on the first week of October. Yep. It’s 3 months of waiting. Gosh, that’s a whole lot time to kill! While most of my colleagues had or are starting their career, I prefer taking it slow. Want to spend some quality time with my family before entering the working life. And here I am, at home, still figuring out what to do for the next 3 months. Few things are already there actually. I definitely want to learn cooking, practice my French and help my mom with house chores (since she’s having real estate license exam somewhere next week). But first things first: I NEED TO CLEAN MY ROOM! All those mess from unpacking and stuffs made it looks like a pig sty. And look at the treasures I found while at it..

NOT my room. (pic from asianfanfics.com)
NOT my room. (pic from asianfanfics.com)

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Journey to the West (A reflection)

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

There are actually few things that I wish to share here about what I’ve seen and learned while on my journey in the States. Hope it’s useful to anyone reading too!

1. I can’t help but to notice that most Americans are practicing the way of socializing promoted by the Prophet (which ironically, aren’t really practiced, at least in Malaysia, by the Muslims themselves). They smile and greet you, even if they don’t know you. Saying “Bless you!” to anyone that sneezed. I have to admit that over there it is easy for me to do so because everyone around is doing it but back in Malaysia, saying “Yarhamukallah” (meaning: May Allah bless you) in public does feel a little bit weird, at least for me it is. Dunno why. More about Islamic customs here.

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Journey to the West (part 5: closing)

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

This part here kicks off rather sadly. I left Wildwood together with Christy, Soon Kiat and Mimi on a gloomy Tuesday morning. Thanks to their landlord, we didn’t have to drag our bags all the way to the bus station. They were really really heavy. Once we were in the bus, I started to feel horribly sad. God, feels like I’m in a movie, with this sort of mood and scenes. Sobs. It took us about one hour to reach Atlantic City Bus Terminal and from there, it’s another 2 hours before we reach Port Authority of New York. It started raining in Atlantic City, making the journey all the more sadder.

Wonderful landlord and his wife, Herman and Christine. Bid goodbye to them the night before.
Kemas katil dan bilik before keluar. Sedih tau time ni.
Goodbye, Wildwood!
Started raining at Atlantic City Bus Terminal

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Journey to the West (part 5 : pre-closing)

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

Oh so can’t believe that I’m already in week 6 of my final year 1st semester. Nonetheless, memories of traveling in the USA still lingers strongly in my mind. Can’t believe that that’s over too! As if I was dreaming. Anyways, this post goes to you, F.A.R. 😛

Picking on where I stopped last time, it should be obvious that this gonna be a long one. Please bear with me, okay? 😀 To make it easier to follow and less messy, I’ll use the point form.

1. First stop, Delaware

Tanger Outlet in Delaware is one of many shopping paradise located nearest to Wildwood. You can find branded items there i.e. Levi’s, Coach, Hush Puppies, etc at a much lower price. A thing that makes it more attractive compared to the one in Atlantic City is that there is no sales tax there meaning that you can shop more, for less! I went there with Christy and Soon Kiat by ferry, Cape May – Lewes Ferry to be exact, and it took us about 1 and a half hour to arrive there from Cape May jetty. By the end of the day they spent about 600 dollars, each. While the only thing that I bought is a pair of Levi’s jeans. I’m not much of a spender, I guess and I’m kinda saving my money to pay back to my dad (haha..guess how it goes).

Somewhere in Cape May
Sun bathing atas feri

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