Japan Escapade – Tokyo days (sequel)

Resuming previous post, we are still exploring Tokyo. But this time around, a bit farther from perhaps the world’s largest megalopolis. On our 3rd day, we head east for a fresher breeze (eh, it rhymes!)

Day 3 – Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko and Shinjuku

Kawaguchiko station, Mt. Fuji at dusk.
Kawaguchiko station, Mt. Fuji at dusk.
  • Back when I agreed to travel to Japan, only two place I had in mind; Tokyo and Mount Fuji. Both very contrasting in nature. Tokyo, to experience the ever hectic life of the Japanese people while Fuji, for anything but. So glad that I had the opportunity to experience both during my maiden visit.

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Warming up (recap!)

Salam/ Peace be upon you/ 大家好,

It has been a long time (approximately 3 months) since I last update this blog. Wow. No wonder my English are getting rusty nowadays. haha.. Anyway, before I get to an interesting topic after this post, I’d like to recap quite a number of big events that had and for some, still, become the headlines of global news.

Arab revolution scenes from phillyimc.org

1. The Arab revolution – Starting from Tunisia, then Egypt and then spread out generally to every other Arab nations, this revolution clearly signifies that corruptions, oppressions and any other forms of injustice are rejected by every normal, sane people. The aspiration for fair, transparent and responsible governance transcends the boundary of religion, race and nationality. Specific conditions might vary between the Arab countries but the general call are about the same: TRANSFORMATION. yes, transformation for the better.

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Lifeline for Gaza

Salam / Hello..

Israel commandos infiltrating the Mavi Marmara

I’m sure that now, most of us have heard about the Freedom Flotilla incident. It may be surprising, but given that the enemy is Zionist Israel it is quite predictable I may say. May Allah save and protect all innocent lives there. The incident highlights the cruelty and ignorance of Israel to the world. To find out more about the incident and recent condition there, you can just search for sites such as lifeline 4 Gaza, viva Palestina, or others (just search for Palestine or Gaza, I’m sure you can find a lot of sites reporting about the incident). But all those media highlights makes me realize one thing. One important thing.

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