Journey to the West (part 1)

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

This post is gonna be about my work and travel experience in the USA (Wildwood, New Jersey to be exact). Hurmm.. Let me start from my flight from KL to Singapore.

2/6 (Thursday) 2245 local time

Boarding pass to Singapore

It was quite a sad moment when my parents sent me to board the plane that night. Within a week, they lost 3 of their children (My younger bro went to L.A on 27/5 which is Friday, my younger sis went to register for foundation program in IIUM two days later and me, I’m going to New Jersey now). All that is left is my youngest sister, adek. Mesti manja gile bila balik sana nanti… 😛  About the flight, nothing much to say. Duduk tepi tingkap belah kanan (seat 6F) and 1 hour je pun. Baru nak lelap mata tengok2 dah sampai Changi. Tapi Changi memang best la. They totally deserve the title for being one of the best airports in the world. Canggih, banyak facilities untuk online. Kalau x bawak laptop diorang ada sediakan desktop untuk online (banyak port pulak tu dan paling penting, free!!!), airport operate 24 jam (banyak kedai bukak), and banyak lagi lah kalau nak tulis kat sini.

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Warming up (recap!)

Salam/ Peace be upon you/ 大家好,

It has been a long time (approximately 3 months) since I last update this blog. Wow. No wonder my English are getting rusty nowadays. haha.. Anyway, before I get to an interesting topic after this post, I’d like to recap quite a number of big events that had and for some, still, become the headlines of global news.

Arab revolution scenes from

1. The Arab revolution – Starting from Tunisia, then Egypt and then spread out generally to every other Arab nations, this revolution clearly signifies that corruptions, oppressions and any other forms of injustice are rejected by every normal, sane people. The aspiration for fair, transparent and responsible governance transcends the boundary of religion, race and nationality. Specific conditions might vary between the Arab countries but the general call are about the same: TRANSFORMATION. yes, transformation for the better.

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Catching up (Part 2)

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

Mine aren't as messy as Image from

Still in the mood of catching up… A couple of weeks ago, I’ve been given a task to promote/give brief description about AKIUM (or in English, Muslim Engineering Society of the University of Malaya – MES) to the first year students. Given that my schedule for the week are extremely tight (My Chem-E-Car competition is due the week after that, CEDAN ’10 matters – meetings, head hunting for my emcees, Meetings with AKIUM), huh……. My energy bar is almost zero! Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I volunteered for those tasks so logically, I have no rights to complain. Its just that THAT is my 1st week of the new semester and I’ve never expected it to be anything near “hectic schedule” or “exhausting”.

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Catching up (Part 1)

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

It has been a while since I last post anything here.. (sorry ’bout that :P) I’ve been very busy last few weeks..with the classes, department dinner matters, meetings and competition.. Ok fine. Not THAT busy for some, but for me it drained much of my energy. Plus, I’m not in the mood to post anything. My mood isn’t very stable lately. *sigh*  So, now I’d like to do some catching up and share some of the lessons I’ve learned during the last few weeks. Some are pretty interesting I must say.

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Judi dah halal, yang lain bila lagi?

Salam/ Peace be upon you,

*Mula2 sekali, sila baca tajuk kat atas dengan nada sinis ya.. buat nada annoying.

Kadang-kadang, bila observe situasi politik kat Malaysia ni.. marah, benci, lawak pun ada. Tapi selalunya menyampah la. Lagi-lagi time ada pilihan raya. Menyampah tengok orang maki sana maki sini. Terpekik sana sini. Burukkan orang tu, burukkan orang ni. Kafirkan orang tu, kafirkan orang nih. Hulur sana, hulur sini. Tak rasa berdosa/bersalah langsung ke manusia2 tersebut? Owh.. Mungkin sebab bila dah menang, poket dah tebal, makan dah terlebih, kulit (terutama kulit muka) jadi tebal.. jadi, dah x rasa malulah kot.. hak3.. cool tak conclusion aku?

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We are not Robots!!!


A scene from i-Robot

When buzzing around the net, I love to search for good articles. Reading good article not only makes you updated, it could also helps to improve your vocab (and grammar) as well as how to see things from different perspectives. Talking about seeing things from different perspective, usually another thing that accompanies an article is the responses or comments part. From there, you can observe many types of people just by reading their words. The one that interest (or perhaps otherwise) me most is the “You are wrong, I am right. Period!” type. So, you might be wondering how is this related to the title. Here’s my justification.

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