Japan Escapade – Tokyo days (sequel)

Resuming previous post, we are still exploring Tokyo. But this time around, a bit farther from perhaps the world’s largest megalopolis. On our 3rd day, we head east for a fresher breeze (eh, it rhymes!)

Day 3 – Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko and Shinjuku

Kawaguchiko station, Mt. Fuji at dusk.
Kawaguchiko station, Mt. Fuji at dusk.
  • Back when I agreed to travel to Japan, only two place I had in mind; Tokyo and Mount Fuji. Both very contrasting in nature. Tokyo, to experience the ever hectic life of the Japanese people while Fuji, for anything but. So glad that I had the opportunity to experience both during my maiden visit.

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Japan Escapade – Tokyo days

image from thepaperwall.com
Japan Ichiban!

I can’t really recall when did I first heard about Japan. Was it from the first car that my dad bought years ago (it was a grey Toyota Corolla) or was it from Doraemon? Gotta be one of them (pretty sure it’s the latter considering I have little to no interest at all when it comes to car :p). Either way, 20 years later I found myself exploring the heart of this sugoi country. Had the chance to explore two of its biggest cities – Tokyo and Osaka – and honestly, you should too!

This time around, the travel pack is quite unique as none of us had actually  travelled together before. There were six of us – three UM seniors (Adi, Abul and Shah), one officemate (Afnan) and Adi’s former colleague (Achid). I first thought it’s gonna be a challenge for some but hey, turned out we bond just fine. Anyway, as many had requested, here’s our itinerary for the visit.

Itinerary jepun

Now isn’t that cute or what? Everything is so small here.

In total, we were in Japan for 10 days (including the arrival and departure day) and the stay is divided into 2 main parts – Tokyo and Osaka, 5 days each. We arrived at Narita Airport, Tokyo on April 24th and depart for Malaysia from Kansai Airport, Osaka on May 3rd. And yes, we took the slightly more pricey MAS over AA just to experience the luxury (full service for a difference of only RM100 at time we purchase our tickets, it’s a bargain!).

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To the Land of Kangaroos and Koalas (part 1)

Salam/ peace be upon you,

1361931536_AAXlogo_165x165It all started last year. November, to be exact. AirAsia had this crazy sale and a close buddy of mine, Fareez happened to came across it. Well, not that he just “happened” to “came across it”. He practically spend most of his free time searching for cheap flight tickets like it’s his pastime! Anyway, we managed to bought tickets to Gold Coast for just RM757. Definitely a bargain! Then again, we need to curb our excitement fast since the travel date’s almost a year from the day we bought the tickets. Urgh… the wait!

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